McGilliard Ministries

About Us

We are a ministry team based out of Victory Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Evangelist Bobby McGilliard surrendered to preach on October 20, 1968. Soon after he and his wife, Becky, got married in 1973, they hit the road and have not stopped since. We have an Independent Fundamental Baptist background, and believe the King James Bible is God's Word for english speaking people. Accompanying Mr. and Mrs. McGilliard is their loyal friend and cousin Lee Stem, his wife Mary, and their daughter Caitlin. Lee began traveling the day after he graduated high school, and has been faithful ever since. His wife and daughter are huge assets to the team, as well. Along with them, is Bro. Bobby and Sister Becky's youngest son, Samuel, and his wife as of May 7, 2016, Madison. Samuel has traveled his whole life, as he was born into his parent's ministry. Madison started traveling after she and Sam began dating the summer of 2013, and they plan on traveling full time after they marry. Through the years, our team has faced many trials; however, by the Grace of God, we continue to travel across America, blessing and reviving hearts and leading souls to Christ using various methods to reach people of all ages. We do revival meetings in the fall, winter, and spring, and Family Fun Times during the summer. If you are interested in learning more about the methods we use, please check the links above. To learn more about each member of the team, click on the names above. If you have any questions or are interested in booking us, please contact us.