McGilliard Ministries

Evangelist Bobby McGilliard surrendered to preach on October 20, 1968. Soon after, he met and married his sweetheart of five years, Becky, on May 25, 1973. Only a few days after they were married, they began traveling full time. They traveled from church to church, preaching revival meetings and singing gospel music to souls of all ages. Two years after they were married, they had their first child, Lydia. She traveled until she was seventeen years old, then stopped to attend beauty school. She then married Ray King in 1995, and they now have four children together. Bobby and Becky's second child, Matthew, was born in 1981 and traveled, as well, until he was 21 years old. He came off the road to get married to his wife, Brittany. They were married in 2004, and traveled full time until 2013. They have three children. The youngest McGilliard child is Samuel. He was born in 1990, and traveled until 2013. While off the road, he began dating his now fiancé, Madison. They will be married May 7, 2016, and plan to travel full time after their honeymoon. Brother Bobby and Sister Becky have been faithful in their work for the Lord, and despite the many changes and trials over the years, they continue on - preaching the Word of God from the King James Bible, and seeing many souls saved, by the Grace of God, through their continued ministry. Until the Lord comes back, they will travel on - praising God and serving Him faithfully and fully, even on into eternity. 

​Bobby and Becky McGilliard