McGilliard Ministries

Bro. Bobby began doing magic when he was very young. He never used it in churches until one night while performing for his pastor, he was asked to do a Gospel Illustration for a Chapel Service for their Christian school. After his performance, the student he had called up to assist him during one of his tricks trusted Christ. From that day forward, Bro. Bobby has continued to use Gospel Illustrations to physically covey a spiritual message. He even owns a white dove named Whitey that he uses to represent the Holy Spirit of God. For the bigger illusions, however, we are so thankful for Madison, who is Bro. Bobby's "postage stamp", as he calls her. She is small enough and flexible enough to squeeze into any illusion we have! God continues to bless, and souls continue to be saved during and after each Gospel Illusion. Below is a video of a bigger stage illusion called the "Shadow Box", featuring Samuel and Madison, and voiced by Bro. Bobby.

Gospel Magic



Whitey (aka: Madison's best friend),

the dove used to represent the Holy 

Spirit in Bro. Bobby's Gospel



A sequence of pictures portraying Bro. Bobby, Lee, Sam, and Madison performing a big stage illusion called "The Doll House". As Bro. Bobby would say, "Look at Madison - isn't she just a doll?"