McGilliard Ministries

Lee, Mary, and Caitlin Stem

Lee Stem began traveling with Brother Bobby on May 28, 1976; the day after he graduated high school. He was only supposed to travel for the summer - it's been one long summer! Lee traveled for 18 years before he met his wife, Mary, in Virginia. They began dating in 1995 and got married on April 20, 1996. Three years later, their daughter, Caitlin, was born in January of 1999. Lee, Mary, and Caitlin have been very faithful in the ministry, serving God and helping others in many different ways. Lee is a licensed piano tuner, and works on the side tuning pianos for churches and homes when we are nearby. He also cares for all the instruments we use on the road - and there are plenty! Mary assists Mrs. Becky in her boutique and serves as Bro. Bobby's secretary. Caitlin helps out Sam and Madison in the teen ministry doing puppets and other creative duties. McGilliard Ministries could not do what we do without the Grace of God and the help of the Stem family. Lee, Mary, and Caitlin will continue to serve God and assist Bro. Bobby and Mrs. Becky for many years to come, or until the Lord calls us all home.