McGilliard Ministries

Pictured from left to right:

Bro. Bobby, Mrs. Becky, Madison, Samuel, Mary, and Lee singing a song during revival at Unity Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN.


Mrs. Becky has always loved to sing, and Bro. Bobby has always loved to play the piano. When they were dating, Mrs. Becky taught Bro. Bobby how to sing, and in return, he taught her how to play the piano. Now, all these years later, they still put those skills to work every day. All of the McGilliard children have been blessed with beautiful voices, and their spouses are just as blessed. Matthew, the second born of the three children, wrote most of the songs that the McGilliards sing. He is now the song leader and music director of the McGilliard and the Stem's home church, Victory Baptist Church, in Shelbyville, TN. Along with singing, everyone in the ministry is capable of playing multiple instruments. The McGilliards have a new album being recorded in the Summer of 2016, and will be released soon after. Below is the list of the different parts each member of the group sings:

Bro. Bobby - Lead

​Mrs. Becky - Soprano 

Madison - Alto

Samuel - Baritone

Mary - Tenor 

​Lee - Bass