Pictured from left to right:

Sam and Madison in a type of puppet act we like to call "The Lips".

Mrs. Becky started the puppet ministry around the year 1984. It began with Mrs. Becky and Bro. Lee using two puppets named Suzie and David, and it has grown greater than they ever imagined it would. Now, the puppet ministry is planned and directed by Sam and Madison, and it continues to grow. It is a great way to get teens involved, and many young souls have been touched, and by the Grace of God, many more have been saved, by helping out. As Bro. Bobby says, "It helps teens realize that Christianity is not a spectator sport." We are so blessed to be able to share this wonderful ministry with the world. Below are a few videos that show some different types of puppets and puppetry styles we use. To learn more about this part of our ministry, and how to start your own puppet ministry, please contact us. 




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