McGilliard Ministries

​Samuel and Madison McGilliard

Samuel McGilliard is the youngest son of Bobby and Becky McGilliard. He was born into the ministry, and he traveled his whole life until 2009, when he stopped to attend college for the recording industry. While in college, he realized that was not God's plan for him, and joined his parents back on the road in 2011. He then traveled until 2013, when he quit to take a youth minister job in Winchester, TN. During this time, he began dating his now wife, Madison, in July. Soon after, Sam quit the youth pastor job, as he felt led to travel once again. Sam and Madison traveled part time in the fall, winter, and spring, to revival meetings that were close by, and full time in the summer to direct the Family Fun Times. While on the road, Samuel proposed to Madison in June of 2015. Soon after they were engaged, they decided that it was God's plan for them to travel full time, year round, with Bro. Bobby and Sister Becky, once they got married. They got married on May 7, 2016, and began their travels after their honeymoon. Samuel and Madison are the directors of the youth department of the ministry, and plan the Family Fun Times that go on during the summer. Samuel is also the sound technician for the ministry, and Madison is the sign language interpreter. They are huge blessings to McGilliard Ministries, and we could not do much without them. We know they will continue to serve God and others, in many ways, together for the rest of their lives, or until the Lord takes us all home.